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Prepped for Action

What is a LiveliFood Kitchen?

A LiveliFood Kitchen is a whole foods kitchen. The shopping lists, kitchen cupboards, and refrigerator are cleaned of malicious ingredients and filled with many healthful choices.


You’re about to learn everything you need to create a complete, well-stocked, ready-for-action environment for creating delicious meals and snacks. 


It doesn’t have to happen in one fell swoop. As you learn, your kitchen will evolve—and so will your energy and your body! Enjoy the process of transitioning into new ways of shopping and cooking. Start where you are, and keep taking steps until you find yourself surrounded by organized, convenient, lively choices!


Why whole foods? 

Whole foods are foods in their natural state or as close to it as possible. Whole foods are plant foods rich in nutrients because they have not been processed or refined. Whole foods are fresh fruits and vegetables, tubers, legumes, and whole grains. Whole foods are simple to cook just as they are, packed with all the vital nutrients we need to be healthy. 


In today’s typical Western diet, a large amount of the so-called food we consume lacks nutrients. A lot of food is put through industrial processes that break down nutrients. Other food is fed chemicals that force it to grow what big farming calls “efficiently,” but is abnormal and less healthy for the plants, the soil, and us. When it comes to getting the best from our food, most of us miss out big time!


Will a LiveliFood Kitchen work for me? 

Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorously, you can boost your health and even cure your body by eating a variety of whole foods the LiveliFood way. It’s up to you how often you include animal foods in your diet. We at LiveliFood choose to enjoy eggs, cheese, wild-caught fish, and lean meat with our meals from time to time. The focus of eating the Liveli way is to supercharge your diet while reducing processed foods and malicious ingredients. 


Let’s start! Right now. Right here in your kitchen.
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