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Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter

5 minutes

Makes about 15 sticks

GF + Plant-Based + Low Carb

This delicious snack landed in my kitchen through my daughter, Mara. She came back from her preschool one day and said she had eaten celery with peanut butter. I thought this was the best idea ever to get your kids to snack on some celery. Many kids find the flavour of celery a little strong, but with peanut butter, it’s a whole new dimension! Try this as an after school snack–I bet you steal a couple of sticks for yourself.


  • 5 long pieces of celery washed and with no leaves

  • 160 g peanut butter (check that ingredients are just peanuts)


  • Wash and cut the leaves off the celery sticks. Next, cut them into 10 cm (4 inches) long sticks.

  • With a small spoon, place peanut butter along the concave side of each celery stick.

Notes: If your kids are not peanut butter fans, you can replace it with almond butter. Both options are delicious. When buying peanut or any other nut butter, I like checking the ingredients list. Healthy nut butter should ONLY have ONE ingredient: the nuts.

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